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Yes we carry the fragrance Fairy Farts as well as some tobacco products

Incense, Oils & Detox

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  • Extreme Fragrance Wax Melts NEW
  • LED candles like Bob Marley and others.
  • Figurines: Dragons, Fairies, Unicorns and more
  • Incense Sticks, Cones, Powders and Resins; Astral Sea Incense Products in over 300 fragrances. Sticks Cones, Powders and Resins, some of the best fragrances out there. *
  • Incense Burners: Coffin Boxes, Ash Catchers, Cone Burners, and more *
  • Halo Extreme Fragrance Wax Melts
  • Aroma Lamps/Oil Diffusers; Fill with water and your favorite Oil or Potpourri and enjoy the fragrance for up to two hours. *
  • Smokeless Incense; for those who may be sensitive to smoke or if you are wanting something cleaner in your home. Used with our Oil Diffusers *
  • Fragrance Oils over 130 quality oils too choose from *
  • Black Light Reactive Mugs NEW
  • Over 50 posters
  • and many more product lines.

* indicates we sell online at and there is a link for wholesale inquiries for those products.

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